I’m a social and cultural anthropologist with a focus on visual, digital and media anthropology. Currently, I’m working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Research Training Group “anschließen ausschließen: Cultural Dynamics Beyond Globalized Networks” at the University of Cologne.

Before coming to the University of Cologne I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Anthropology and African Studies of the JGU Mainz in the research project “Jihadism on the Internet: Images and Videos, their Dissemination and Appropriation” and as junior researcher at the research training group “Locating Media” of the University of Siegen and the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne. I hold MAs in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Cologne and in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester. I completed my PhD at the University of Cologne with a dissertation on the social media practices and transnational everyday lives of Senegalese in Berlin and Dakar.

In my postdoctoral research project I focus on Muslim everyday life and digital media practices in Germany. Through digital ethnography, fieldwork in different ‘off-line’ as well as ‘online’ contexts, I explore dynamics and practices of connecting and excluding in different Muslim communities in Germany and the German-speaking public sphere. In this context I explore social, visual, and digital practices, using digital and experimental ethnography and digital curatorial strategies for the co-creation of knowledge.

Since October 2021, I’m co-convener of the Working Group “Media Anthropology” (AG Medien) of the DGSKA/GAA (together with Anja Dreschke and Anna Lisa Ramella). As part of our work we have been organizing a series of evens, like the workshop “Multimodal Digital Publishing” (2021) and the follow up for “Multimodal Digital Curating” in January 2023.


Dr. Simone Pfeifer ([email protected])

Global South Studies Center (GSSC)
Graduiertenkolleg 2661: anschließen – ausschließen:
Cultural Dynamics Beyond Globalized Networks”
Classen-Kappelmann Str. 24
D-50931 Köln

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