I’m a social and cultural anthropologist with a focus on visual, digital, and media anthropology. Currently I’m working on my postdoctoral research project on Muslim everyday life and digital media practices, using digital and experimental ethnography and (digital) curatorial strategies for the co-creation of knowledge. I’m interested in understanding practices of connecting and excluding within different parts of post-migrant society from a critical and reflexive perspective. In my previous research I have been focusing on migration, mobility and transnationality, new kinship, securitization of Islam, political violence and ethical challenges in ethnographic research.

Currently I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the Research Training Group “anschließen -ausschließen: Cultural Dynamics Beyond Globalized Networks“.

News | Out now:

Online Workshop: Mutlimodal Digital Curating co-organized with Anja Dreschke and Anna Lisa Ramella for the Working Group Media Anthropology of the DGSKA. 19-20 January, 2023, Zoom.

Cologne-Siegen Masterclass for Media Ethnography (Post)Digital Ethnography: from Participant Observation to Collaborative Approaches
with Simone Pfeifer and Suzana Jovicic (University of Vienna) 
Date: 24.-26.11.22, registration possible until 14th of November 2022 
Place: Alter Senatssaal (Main building), University of Cologne
For more information click here (Siegen) or here (Cologne). 

Invitation to the Gender & Diversity Lunch the University of Siegen. A collaborative format of CRC 1187 & 1472. 12 July 2022, 12:15-1:45 pm, Herrengarten 3, AH-A 228.

Invited Presentation: Ethnologie als Störung? Herausforderungen ethnografischer Forschung in einem interdisziplinären Projekt der zivilen Sicherheitsforschung as part to the Departmental Seminar Series of the Department of Anthropology and African Studies (ifeas) at the University of Mainz, 21 June 2022, 6-8 pm, HS13 (Forum 7, 1. OG).

Contribution: Heilige, das Meer und ethnologische Tourist*innen. In Ethnographic Encounters: Essays in Honour of Martin Rössler. In Michaela Haug and Rosalie Stolz (eds.). Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 193-196. 

Invited Presentation: “I was touched by the mercy in his voice“: Gendered and affective dimensions in the appropriation of religious images and videos on social media as part to the After Lunch Lecture | 60 Minutes in Ethnographic Theory by the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Cologne. 1 June 2022, 2-3 pm, lecture hall XII (Main Building).

Video: Together with Alexandra Dick and Christoph Günther, I just published the video Sounding Out DAESH with Open Science at the JGU Mainz (03/2022).

Invited presentation to the INSPIRE Seminar Series. 16 March 2022, 12:00-13:00 CET: “reCLAIM: Digital Curatorial Practices as Ethnographic Intervention” together with Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann. Watch the talk online!

Hybrid Workshop: Populist Aesthetics in Cultural Perspectives: Truthmaking, Faking, and the Politics of Affect in (Digital) Media. 10.-11. March 2022 at the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS, Heidelberg University). Co-Organised with: Cathrine Bublatzky (HCTS). See full program here.

Co-edited Special Section “Dark Ethnographies” in ZfE |JSCA 146 (Dec. 2021).

New Position: Since 11/2021 I am part of the DFG-funded research training group “anschließen – ausschließen: Cultural Dynamics Beyond Globalized Networks“, at the University of Cologne. As part of my postdoctoral research project I am focussing on Muslim everyday life and digital media practices in Germany.

Catalogue Contribution (with Robert Dörre & Christoph Günther): Journalism and Images of Violence: Ethical Perspectives. In: Sebastian Baden, Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann and Johann Holten (eds.) Mindbombs! Visual Cultures of Political Violence/Visuelle Kulturen politischer Gewalt. Kerber Art (2021).

Digital Platform: www.reclaim-platform.de co-curated with Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann.

Book Contribution: ‘Expanding the Family Frame. In: Alex Vailati and Gabriela Zamorano Villarreal (eds.). Ethnographies of ‘On Demand’ Films: Anthropological Explorations of Commissioned Audiovisual Productions. Palgrave (2021).

Journal Article (with Ulf Neumann). In/Visible Images of Mobility: Sociality and Analog–Digital Materiality in Personal Archives of Transnational Migration. In: Visual Anthropology 34 (4): 317-338 (2021) 

Blogpost: 2021 How Can You Approach the Field Digitally? Reflections on Using Social Media Profiles in Ethnographic Research (DEI Blog).
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